We Care About Our Animals

The wacky brainchild of owners Kelcie Alder and Ryan Whelan, Monti’s started in our backyard entertaining our friends and enjoying life. As two restaurant industry vets, we decided it was time to start working hard, for ourselves.

Our vision is to be the socially responsible business owner who respects the animals we eat, tries at all costs to be environmentally friendly and put as many smiles on faces as possible!

PS. All our menu items are named after all our animals past and present.


Our sweetest and most loving girl. She was the greatest soul. Miss her everyday.


The man-the-myth-the legend. This is Monti. We call him our love child. A mystical creature.


Jeff, how to explain Jeffrey. He's super agile and athletic, but a total spaz. Sweet boy.


Abbey the teacup Pom that will break your heart. Abigail is our little princess.


Chef Ryan's family dog growing up. Fritz was the definition of "Man's best friend"


You know when you meet that dog, that is a dog, that's Lucy. Will someone throw a ball?


Biggie is the alpha-male of our Sugar Glider clan. And yes they are as cute as they look.


Pac, well he's fat. HAHA. It's backwards in our crew. He's a lover and just wants a treat.